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Työsopimuksen voi tehdä suullisesti tai kirjallisesti. Suullisesti solmitun työsopimuksen ehtoja tulkitaan kuitenkin herkästi työntekijän eduksi, joten kirjallinen muoto on työnantajan kannalta suositeltava.

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Voit kysyä juristeiltamme reaaliaikaisesti neuvoja Voit kysyä juristeiltamme reaaliaikaisesti neuvoja Tuki
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Työsopimus herättää tunteita – laadi se kirjallisesti

Työsopimuksen voi laatia kirjallisesti tai suullisesti. Suullinen sopimus on helposti altis jälkikäteisille erimielisyyksille, ja lopputulos on silloin arvaamaton. Työsopimuksista ja niiden päättämisestä riidellään paljon kaikissa oikeusasteissa, ja valtaosa riidoista olisi ollut vältettävissä laadukkaalla ja kirjallisella sopimisella.

Mitä Sopimuskoneen työsopimusmalli sisältää?

Sopimuskoneen työsopimusmallissa on tarjolla useat tärkeät perusehdot, joista syntyy helposti eripuraa. Esimerkiksi koeaika, määräaikaisuuden peruste ja salassapito unohtuvat monesti, mikä voi tulla työnantajalle kalliiksi. Lisäksi voit hiirenklikkauksin lisätä tilanteeseesi sopivat kohdat esimerkiksi palkasta, työntekopaikasta ja vuosilomista.

Sopimuskone kysyy sinulta eri kohdissa oleelliset kysymykset ja muotoilee sopimustekstit vastaustesi perusteella. Saatavilla on myös neuvontaa kohta kohdalta, mitä ottaa huomioon, kun teet valintoja. Kysymyksessä ei ole siis yksittäinen työsopimuksen pohja, vaan moderni teknologia, jolla pienennät sopimusriskejäsi ja helpotat laatimisen taakkaa.

Tämä työsopimusmalli on englanniksi. Sopimuskoneessa on erikseen myös suomenkielinen versio.


Employment Contract

A high-quality employment contract reduces the risk to the employer

An employment contract can be made in writing or verbally. Verbal agreements can be prone to retrospective disputes in which the employer is often at a disadvantage. You should thus make the contract in writing. It is also important for the employer to keep a few basic terms in mind. Matters such as the trial period, justification for fixed-term employment and confidentiality are easy to forget, which can be expensive. Sopimustieto formulates important sections for you and advises you step by step on how to prepare a high-quality employment contract.

How does Sopimustieto’s employment contract template work?

With Sopimustieto, you can draw up, sign and archive all of your contracts completely digitally. With Sopimustieto’s adjustable employment contract template and shortcuts, you can prepare a high-quality employment contract for almost any situation. The shortcuts lead to our high-quality standard clauses, which are based on up-to-date labour legislation such as the Employment Contracts Act, Working Hours Act and Annual Holidays Act.

What are the benefits of making my employment contracts with Sopimustieto?

  • With our shortcuts, your contract can be ready in just a few clicks
  • Improve the quality of your contracts with high-quality standard content created by our lawyers
  • Reduce administrative work by up to 90%, since everything is archived automatically and you do not have to print anything

What types of employment contracts can I create with Sopimustieto?

Sopimustieto is capable of creating both indefinitely valid and fixed-term contracts, either full-time or part-time. Executive contracts are also covered. With just a few mouse clicks, you can add suitable holiday and pay terms, a trial period and non-disclosure and non-competition obligations to protect your trade secrets.

Sopimustieto is more than just a single employment contract template, but a combination of countless templates. Forget traditional form templates and half-finished drafts, Sopimustieto will handle the work for you!

What is a trial period? When should it be agreed on?

The employer and the employee may agree on a trial period of a maximum of six months starting from the beginning of the work. During the trial period, you can cancel the employment contract with immediate effect, without needing the normal grounds for termination, the requirements for which are quite strict in Finland. From the employer's point of view, a trial period is an excellent way of testing the employee's suitability for the position. Therefore, please include Sopimustieto’s standard trial period term when hiring a new employee if you are unsure of how the work will suit them.

I am drawing up a fixed-term employment contract. How can I justify the fixed term of employment?

An employment contract is valid indefinitely unless it has, for a justified reason, been made for a specific fixed term. Contracts made for a fixed term on the employer's initiative without a justified reason shall be considered valid indefinitely. So do not forget to justify why the employment relationship will end when it does when drawing up a fixed-term contract.

The seasonal nature of the work or hiring the employee as a substitute for another employee are justified reasons for fixed-term employment relationships, for example. As a rule, uncertainty about the amount of work is not a sufficient reason for fixed-term employment.

When is it advisable to agree on the confidentiality of business secrets? What is a good confidentiality term like?

Confidentiality is such a fundamental safeguard for the employer that you should include a non-disclosure clause in practically every contract. A good confidentiality term comprehensively protects all of your business secrets from product development to strategy and financial information. The confidentiality terms in our intelligent employment contract template provide broad coverage of all essential aspects.

The confidentiality term should be enhanced with a separate contractual penalty. The efficiency of the contractual penalty is based on the fact that it is, in principle, payable regardless of the extent of the breach. Therefore, if your employee breaches the agreement, you need not demonstrate the damage that has occurred. Business secrets may be worth gold, but their value is typically difficult to quantify. Therefore, we recommend the use of our contractual penalty clause.

When should you agree on a non-competition obligation?

A non-competition obligation mitigates against the risk of your valuable employees taking their know-how and your customers and running off to work for the competition or establishing a competing business. Like a non-disclosure obligation, a non-competition obligation can also help you protect your trade secrets. The difference is that the law requires weighty reasons for an agreement of non-competition. A position of responsibility and generous training provided by the employer are in favour of signing a non-competition agreement, but each case is evaluated on its overall merits. You penalise breaches of the non-competition obligation with a non-competition obligation agreed on in advance. All essential aspects are taken into account in the standard content of our employment contract template.

Which other important features does Sopimustieto’s employment contract template offer?

Sopimustieto’s adaptable employment contract template also includes all other essential terms of employment contracts. It is important to agree on matters such as pay, working hours, intellectual property rights created at work, remote work and annual holidays precisely enough. Around two dozen legal experts were involved in the development of Sopimustieto to guarantee the quality of our standard terms. We keep the content in line with current legislation with regular updates.

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