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Tarjous on antajaansa oikeudellisesti sitova ehdotus ryhtyä tarjouksessa yksilöityyn toimenpiteeseen, kuten toimeksiantoon tai kauppaan. Sopimus syntyy, kun tarjouksen vastaanottaja on allekirjoituksellaan hyväksynyt tarjouksen.

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Pyrkimyksenä sitova sopimus

Tarjous on toiselle osapuolelle tehty sopimusehdotus, jolla pyritään sitovaan sopimukseen esimerkiksi palvelusuhteesta tai kertaluontoisen toimeksiannon suorittamisesta. Tarjous kannattaa laatia aina kirjallisesti. Suulliset tarjoukset ja sähköpostitarjoukset epäselvine vastauskuittauksineen ovat alttiita jälkikäteisille erimielisyyksille – monesti tarjouksentekijä on tällöin heikommassa asemassa.

Erityistä huomiota kannattaa kiinnittää tarjouksen voimassaoloaikaan. Jos voimassaoloa ei ole määritetty tarjouksessa, se määräytyy tapauskohtaisesti. Tapauskohtaisuus on taas niin häilyvä käsite, että tulkintaerimielisyyksiä syntyy helposti. Tarjouksen voimassaolo kannattaa näin ollen kirjata päivämäärän tarkkuudella.

Juristien laatimat malliehdot

Sopimuskoneen älykäs tarjousmalli sisältää yritysjuridiikan asiantuntijoiden laatimat mallisisällöt, joista voit valita omaan tarjoukseesi mieluisat. Sopimuskone kysyy sinulta eri kohdissa tarpeen mukaan jatkokysymyksiä ja muotoilee mallisisältöjä vastaustesi perusteella, jotta ne sopisivat tilanteeseesi mahdollisimman hyvin. Tarjolla on lisäksi selkokielistä neuvontaa kohta kohdalta, mitä ottaa huomioon, kun teet valintoja.

Kysymyksessä ei ole siis yksittäinen tarjouspohja, vaan moderni teknologia, jolla laadit omiin tarpeisiisi soveltuvan tarjousasiakirjan lähes automaattisesti.

Tämä tarjousmalli on englanniksi. Sopimuskoneessa on erikseen tarjolla myös suomenkielinen versio.


Sales proposal

Prepare a sales proposal well to avoid numerous problems

A sales proposal is a draft of an agreement on products or services made to another party in an effort to conclude a binding contract. Always prepare your sales proposal in writing. Oral sales proposals and email sales proposals are prone to subsequent disputes – typically the seller is then in a weaker position. Sopimustieto formulates important sections for you and advises you step by step on how to prepare a high-quality sales proposal.

How does Sopimustieto work?

Sopimustieto allows you to prepare, sign and archive all of your business documents completely digitally. With Sopimustieto’s adjustable sales proposal template and shortcuts, you can prepare a high-quality sales proposal for almost any situation. The shortcuts provide access to our high-quality standard content that comply with valid legislation.

By utilising Sopimustieto’s electronic signature and archive, you can reduce the amount of administrative work by up to 90%, as you will receive standard content from our service and nothing needs to be printed. Your contractual partner will receive a digital copy of its document.

Sopimustieto already has about a thousand satisfied customer companies. Our adjustable sales proposal template is one of the most popular document templates in the service.

What kind of a sales proposal can I prepare with Sopimustieto?

With Sopimustieto, you can easily prepare a sales proposal regardless of its content and scope. You can use our standard terms or write your own terms and add the necessary appendices. Our standard terms cover a wide range of fields, ranging from pricing to terms of payment, confidentiality and the settlement of disputes. Our standard content is regularly used in business and has been prepared by experts in business law.

Thus, Sopimustieto does not actually contain just a single sales proposal template, but a combination of innumerable templates. Forget traditional form templates and semi-finished drafts, Sopimustieto will handle the work for you!

How long is the sales proposal valid when I have sent it to the other party?

You can specify in the sales proposal the time by which the sales proposal must be replied to. If no validity period has been set, the reply must be provided within a reasonable period of time. The duration of a reasonable period of time is determined by case.

If you do not wish to commit to the terms of your original sales proposal after you have submitted it, due to changes in schedules, for example, you may still become bound to the agreement or be liable to pay damages. At a minimum, you may cause inconvenience either to you or your customer. In particular, if you believe that the counterparty uses a significant amount of time for going through the sales proposal and considering the agreement, set a validity period for the sales proposal for the avoidance of doubt.

You can use the calendar function of our sales proposal template to set the validity period of the sales proposal.

I am preparing a sales proposal to the completion of a specific assignment. How do I set the price for my sales proposal?

Sopimustieto contains predefined clauses for the compensation to be paid for an assignment. Sopimustieto automatically calculates value added tax as part of the fee if the assignment is subject to VAT. In addition, you can use our standard payment terms and set an appropriate penal interest for arrears.

When is it advisable to agree on the confidentiality of business secrets? What is a good confidentiality term like?

Confidentiality is agreed upon in orderly manner if there is anything sensitive related to object of the sales proposal. A good confidentiality term comprehensively protects all of your business secrets from product development to strategy and financial information. The confidentiality terms in our sales proposal template broadly cover all essential aspects.

The confidentiality term should be enhanced with a separate contractual penalty. The efficiency of the contractual penalty is based on the fact that it is in principle payable regardless of the extent of the breach. Therefore, if your employee breaches the agreement, you need not demonstrate the damage that has occurred. Business secrets may be worth gold, but their value is typically difficult to quantify.

How does a sales proposal prepared using Sopimustieto look like?

An sales proposal prepared using Sopimustieto can be printed out as a PDF file that can also easily be read using mobile devices. You can stylize the sales proposal with your company's logo and footer.

How can the other party accept a sales proposal I have created using Sopimustieto?

You can invite the other party to view your sales proposal in Sopimustieto with an SMS message or email. The party can accept the sales proposal with its electronic signature, which belongs to our service.

When used regularly, the electronic signature will save you 5 – 50 hours a year, which means the possibility to make thousands of euros of alternative returns. No need to print or arrange appointments just to collect signatures! Your contracting partners will also appreciate the time they have saved.

How is my sales proposal archived?

The developers of Sopimustieto became frustrated by the fact that a specific sales proposal or other agreement could not be found in a folder, drawer or email when it would have been needed. In Sopimustieto, all of your sales proposals are automatically archived in your company’s agreement account, so you can easily find them afterwards and they will not disappear. When you centralise all of your sales documents in one place for years to come, you'll save a huge amount of time and energy.

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